Hello world!

Since 2022, I was writing very briefly on another blog hosted on Github. It was mainly a test for trying Jekyll, a static site generator. The idea of hosting a website on Github, writing every post in markdown, and not dealing with a database and every security issues related to a dymamic website was nice.

Since a while, I was considering creating another WordPress website, with comments, interactions with readers and more flexibility. A few months ago, I was contacted by Automattic for joining their team as a securiy researcher for Jetpack. For a few weeks, I went back into WordPress ecosystem, its communities on forums and Slack, it was a great feeling. I was glad about this calls and interviews with them and met nice prople from their teams. However, they chose someone else. I’m not sad about it, at least it was a kind of trigger that brought me back to WordPress.

This is what I’m starting with this post, coming back. I’ll also import a post about Docker hacking posted last year on the previous website. This blog will be about cybersecurity in general, mainly pentesting, but also WordPress, Linux, and probably other topics.

Hope you’ll like it, enjoy your reading.

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